• Enable Growth Software As A Service (SAAS)

    Enable Growth takes literally hours, to get you up and running. It’s a web based software that we host for you. This means you can access it from anywhere in the world without costly IT infrastructure – all you need is Internet access and a browser. A subscription-based pricing model means no more upfront investment in hardware or costly licenses. No need to involve your IT in day to day management of service and software. Simple to use, intuitive, flexible and secure – all you would expect from a modern Software as a Service.

    Enable growth - Strategic planning



    Hosted on a cloud provider platform.

    Each customer’s data is hosted a separate database.

    Databases are backed up daily

    Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Advanced data


    Cloud operator is ISO27001 certified

    Enable growth - Strategic planning



    System administrators

    have limited ‘need-to-know’


    Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Continuous active


    Rapid response to issues as, or before they arise. Regular capacity review ensures high

    performance and scalability

    Valuable real-world feed into

    continuous products improvements

    Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Scalable and reliable


    Rock solid hosting infrastructure delivers up-time and performance..

    Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Quality development process

    Receive rapid innovation with confidence. Benefit from latest updates in regular releases, automatically..